Core Value

Building on the foundation laid by our mother company TGC' years of experience in offshore wind farm development, we continue to invest resources, combine international professional operation and maintenance technology and local talents, and are committed to providing integrated services for Taiwan's offshore wind farms. We enrich local offshore wind farm o&m energy, continue to provide clean energy to the land we love in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

Our O&M services for offshore wind farms cover wind turbine maintenance, technicians, logistics and vessel supply, BoP inspection and maintenance, operations control center, and asset integrity management:

Services We Provide

WTG Related Services

  • Tower installation
  • Tower/Nacelle mechanical/electrical completion
  • Tower/Nacelle inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Troubleshooting and Other requirements
  • Technician Provision
  • Periodic WTG Maintenance

BoP O&M Services

  • Jacket foundations (above water) and transition pieces visual inspection of general parts
  • Substation/cable inspection and repair
  • Jacket foundations-subsea surveys and inspections
  • Export and inter-array cable surveys ROV inspection
  • Offshore cable call off repair and cable storage

Construction & Installation Support

  • Technician Provision

Qualifications and Certificates

TOWSC has a multi-disciplinary team of technicians with extensive training to ensure that they are able and willing to provide support at varying stages of a project.




- BST (Basic Safety Training - 5 modules)
- BTT (Basic Technical Training - 3 modules)
- BTTI (Basic Technical Training Installation)
- SLS (Slinger Signaller)



- Medical Certificate of Fitness for Work Offshore

WTG OEM Technical Training


Pre-requisite trainings to support:
- Pre-assembly
- Installation
- Commissioning

ECN Technology Transfer Program


- O&M Strategy Design and Optimization
- O&M Load Monitoring
- O&M Big Data Structuring and Analysis

Track Records

Project: Fuhai Met Mast


Location: Changhua, Taiwan

Fuhai Met Mast is the first offshore Met Mast in Taiwan. TOWSC has been responsible for the full scope of the operation and maintenance since 2015. TOWSC has successfully completed several tasks including above water maintenance (Wind turbine and solar panel installation, antenna installation), below water maintenance (ROV construction inspection), equipment and system maintenance (power system and data connection) and control room management (HSEQ and documentation).

Project: Changhua Offshore Wind Farm


Location: Taichung, Taiwan

TOWSC is cooperating and qualified by well-known OEM in 2022. TOWSC has provided several certified technicians to GCH project for the pre-assembly work, including tower installation, nacelle maintenance, equipment inspection and system updates.