Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm Services Corporation (TOWSC)

Global vision for our expertise and localization of the skills

Foreseeing the potential growth of offshore wind in Taiwan and Asia Pacific, TGC has established TOWSC in 2014 to focus on providing services for the need of Operation and Maintenance. TOWSC is currently undertaking the maintenance of Fuhai Met Mast, including strategic planning, electrical system set-up, inspection and maintenance, equipment maintenance management, personnel and vessel management, contract management, subcontractor interface, data collection and analysis…etc.
In 2015, TOWSC applies to the Government for an Industrial Cooperation Program (ICP) in which Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) will transfer their knowledge of O&M and experiences from European wind farms. Additionally, following the development and global trend in offshore wind sector, TOWSC arranges team members to Shanghai to receive official GWO training - Working at Heights. With international recognized knowledge and skills, TOWSC provides its clients professional and uncompromising services
TOWSC has obtained the Right-to-Match for providing O&M services to CIP’s projects – Xidao, Changfang, and Fufang. Through our cooperation and integration with local and international partners, not only has TOWSC explored more opportunities in offshore wind O&M markets, but we also aim to localize the services and know-how in Taiwan.

Company Policies

Quality Policy

We aim to combine international expertise and local talents to mitigate the cost while increasing production availability of offshore wind farm operation and maintenance. We also continue investing in market research, technical advancement, and integrating international health and safety management experience to minize the risk of operation. Through our ISO 9001 system, we strive to provide high quality serivces to ensure customer satisfaction.

Information Security Policy

We follow ISO 27001:2013 standards to establish, maintain, monitor and improve our Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our core management goals of ISMS are as follow: Ensure information safety and service quality through continual cyber security training; Establish cyber emergency response planning to mitigate potential damange and restore continual operation.

Health, Environment, Safety (HSE) Policy

Taiwan Offshore Windfarm Services Corporation (TOWSC) is committed to consistently delivering high standards of services to customers within budgeted costs and exceeding customer requirements, in an environmentally sustainable manner whilst protecting the health, safety and welfare of all personnel and others who may be affected by our activities.

TOWSC History

  • 2020

    TOWSC was certified by DNV GL for the establishment of ISO 45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 Health, Safety and Environment Management System.


    TOWSC was certified by BSI for the establishment of ISO 27001:2018 Information Security Management System.

  • 2019

    TOWSC was certified by BSI for the establishment of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


    TOWSC members completed the training and received certifications for ECN O&M Load Monitoring.


    Through partnership with SeaRoc, TOWSC started the HSE project (ISO14001&45001), to jointly establish localized HSE system in order to meet the international standards requirements.


    TOWSC members completed the training and received certifications for ECN O&M Big Data Structuring and Analysis.


    TOWSC signed an MoU with SeaZip, to establish a collaborative base providing logistics services for the offshore wind farms in Changhua sea area.


    TGC and TOWSC executed the ISO9001&27001 project, consulted by Amxecure.


    TOWSC and its local partner, DWTEK, enforced the underwater inspection for Fuhai Met Mast including non-destructive structure inspection, anode inspection, corrosion inspection, marine growth inspection, etc. with ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle).

  • 2018

    TOWSC team members completed the ECN O&M Strategy Optimization training courses and receivedthe certifications.


    TOWSC team members completed the ECN O&M Strategy Design training courses and received the certifications.


    TOWSC team members were trained by GWO for BST- working at height and received the certifications.


    "Technology Transfer of Offshore Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance Project", one of the Industrial Cooperation Programs (ICPs) funded by the Taiwanese government, has officially kicked off. Through classroom sessions and on-site training, ECN shared their O&M know-how and expertise to TOWSC and other recipients.